COVID Insurance! and “Safe Galicia Destination”

WOW! Galicia (the “autonomous community” where Santiago de Compostela is) is providing free #Covid insurance for travelers who stay at certain establishments in Galicia. You automatically qualify for the insurance by staying in these accommodations. The Xunta is including this insurance as part of its “#Galicia #Safe #Destination” tourism campaign.
From the website:
“If you come to Galicia, you’ll be safe for sure! During your holiday in Galicia, you’ll be covered by the new COVID-19 travel insurance.

“Galicia, a safe destination we welcome you to visit.
Tourists and pilgrims have extra protection. Galicia is the safe choice for your holidays.

Who can use it?
This initiative is free for visitors and pilgrims both from Spain and abroad who are not resident in Galicia.
Extra protection!
To benefit from this insurance, you don’t need to apply, you only have to be staying at a regulated establishment in Galicia. The insurance is activated automatically.
Complementary coverage and services
  • Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation expenses due to COVID-19.
  • Medical repatriation and repatriation in the event of death due to COVID-19.
  • Extended stay on account of COVID-19 quarantine.

The affected party will have to report the disease by calling +34 915 149 959 “

Of course travelers will still have to weigh the risks of travel in general, but at least if one becomes ill, there is some extra medical coverage here.  


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