‘Nifty Ninety Peaks’

The ‘Nifty Ninety’ Peak Challenge!

In December 2017, I found a new hiking challenge! The Sierra Club, Bay Chapter, ran an article in their magazine describing…

The ‘Nifty Ninety’ Peak Challenge…

and the goal was to reach the summit of 90 named peaks or high points in the greater S.F. Bay Area.  The names on the list–Nob Hill (San Francisco), Mount Diablo (Contra Costa County), and Mount Tamalpais (Marin County), for example–were intriguing because they are well known landmarks here. In addition, the hikes included a wide range of difficulty. In addition, there was a mix of city walks and wilderness treks. And finally, I knew that going on more difficult hikes than are usual ones would be good for our overall fitness. 

It could have easily become one of those “We should do this sometime,” articles that would be lost in my huge pile of  possible destinations or activities. But it didn’t!

Follow links below for info about individual peaks climbed to date

We try to hike regularly–

in part, so that we will be ready for our long-distance hikes here or abroad. At first we did some peaks in the regional parks that were near us. Even though we had been in these parks before, the challenge led us to new trails to reach the peaks.

We soon became captivated. The novelty of new trails spurred us on. Views from hills or mountaintops offered better long-distance views than canyons and flatlands. Our determination to do all 90 of the peaks was reinforced when we found a friends who shared our new interest. Soon after, they became part of our regular “team.”

As of July 29, 2019, we have completed 75 peaks, and as time allows and weather favors, we will continue.

Susan’s Nifty Ninety Peaks article in All Women, All Trails

It has been helpful to have discovered Peakbagger website,where we can read about other people’s attempts and record our own. Even so, most of our hikes have required a fair amount of planning–which trail to take to a peak and how to reach the trailhead. The following posts from my backpack musings blog should be helpful. 

Susan’s Blog Posts from Backpack45’s Musings (click on bold type):

Bad weather? What to do: When the weather or other circumstances mean we can’t hike.
Barnabe Peak, 1,466′ — Samuel P. Taylor SP

Black Mountain, 2,812′– Monte Bello Open Space Preserve, San Mateo County (along with Windy Hill)
Briones Peak, 1483′– Briones Regional Park, Contra Costa Cty.
Mount Burdell, 1,558′ — Olompali SP, Marin County
Chalk Mountain, 1,609′ — Santa Cruz County
Church Hill, 1,450′ — Almaden Quicksilver Cty. Park, Santa Clara Cty. (with Mines Hill)
Eagle  Peak, 2,369′ — Mt. Diablo State Park–Fly Like an Eagle
Flag Hill, 1,360′ — Sunol Regional Park, Alameda County (with Vista Grande)
Mount Livermore, 788′ — Angel Island SP.
Loma Alta, 1,592′– Loma Alta Open Space, Marin County
Mount McAbee, 1730′ — Big Basin Redwoods SP
Mines Hill, 1,728′ — Almaden Quicksilver Cty. Park,  Santa Clara Cty. *(along with Church Hill)
Montara Mountain, North Peak, 1,898′, San Pedro Valley County Park, San Mateo County

Nob Hill, 325′ — San Francisco (with Telegraph Hill and Russian Hill)
Pine Mtn. 2,208′ — Big Basin Redwoods SP,
Rose Hill, 1506′ — Black Diamond Regional, Contra Costa Cty.
Russian Hill, 300′ — San Francisco (with Nob Hill and Telegraph Hill)
San Bruno Mtn. 1,314′ — San Bruno Mt. SP, San Mateo Cty.
Telegraph Hill, 275′ — San Francisco (with Nob Hill and Russian Hill)
Vista Grande, 1840′ — Sunol Regional Pk., Alameda Cty. (with Flag Hill)
Mount Wanda, 640′ — John Muir Ntl. Histor. Site, Contra Costa
White Hill, 1,439′ — White Hill Open Space, Marin County
Windy Hill, 1905′ — Windy Hills Open Space Preserve, San Mateo County. (along with Black Mountain). Two Peaks in One.