Jumping off spot for Antarctica–Ushuaia

It was becoming real!
Though our recent trip to the Antarctic officially began in Buenos Aires,it was when our travel company, Quark, flew us to Ushuaia, Argentina, that we could really believe that we were on our way to the 7th continent. After arriving in the town of 150,000, our group was allotted a couple of hours to explore.
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  1. In 1973 my parents were two of the first people to tour on Lindblad when they opened up the Antarctic. My step father was a retired Arctic and Antarctic explorer and Icebreaker skipper and lectured on the trip. On March 3, in Ushuaia, they were run over by a drunk cab driver and killed instantly while walking on the quay to their ship. For me it is a ready example of life’s ironies and appropriate for your travel diaries: killed by a taxi in a town with almost no cars and only a few thousand people after having just returned from a pre-tourist Antarctic. Wooden boats, abandoned camps and high seas on a small ship.

    1. Oh, my goodness, Dewey, irony indeed! I am sorry for your loss; it’s amazing that you have such an incredible story to tell about their adventurous lives.

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