Norte and Primitivo

Hiking the Caminos Norte and Primitivo

While the most popular route of the Camino de Santiago is the Frances, hikers are increasingly looking for a less crowded or a new route.  The Caminos Norte and Primitivo are great choices.







Susan and Ralph Alcorn, who hiked both in 2015-16, strongly recommend the entire 500 miles of Norte, and/or the 200 of the Primitivo. As this website grows, we will bring you answers to many of your pressing questions about the Norte and Primitivo–.not only an  overview of the two routes, elevations, accommodations. But also answers to such questions as: Who is hiking it? How difficult is it? What I should pack? How should I train?


With the resources that are available–books, apps, and so forth, you can plan and do your Norte and/or Primitivo with confidence. I hope to post images of the journey to inspire you to plan that trip of your own that you have been dreaming of.

Meanwhile, check out Susan’s Healing Miles: Gifts of the Caminos Norte and Primitivo