West Point Island and Stanley, Falkland Islands

Windswept and gorgeous West Point Island, Falklands

West Point Island
After our rewarding morning watching Rockhopper Penguins on New Island in the Falklands, we were eager to see more. The captain and activity leader continued to follow the weather reports and decided to keep us on the north side of the island group to find more sheltered conditions for taking out the zodiacs and for our landings.Read More


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  1. It’s my understanding that Krill is quite plentiful at the moment because climate change is causing more sea ice and krill live under it. That also means more food for the sea life that eats it. However, as time goes on and the ice disappears, both krill and the animals will be threatened.

    1. West Point Island (from Wikipedia) “has an area of 1,469 hectares (5.67 sq mi) and boasts some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in the Falklands. The island is owned by Roddy & Lily Napier and run as a sheep farm and tourist attraction.”

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