Olompali’s Lovely Mount Burdell

Rainbow from top of Mt. Burdell, Marin County


Doing the Nifty Ninety is even more fun now that we are “enlisting” some family and friends to go with us! Instead of having to choose between going out for a meal with people or going for a hike, we can have our cake and eat it too. 

This time we went across the bay to Novato to climb Mount  Burdell in Olompali State Park. Our friend, Patricia, who has become as serious about this challenge as we are, went with us. That meant that her lively dog, Boo, went with us too. It wasn’t just the view from the peak that was great — this hike was lovely the entire way — with green rolling hills and wildflowers starting to  open.

Bay Area hiker gives these directions to the trailhead we used. “From US 101 in Novato (Marin County) exit #463 (San Marin Drive/Atherton Avenue). Head west on San Marin Drive for about 2.5 miles. Turn north (right) unto San Andreas Drive, and continue about 0.5 mile.”  

Rainbow from atop Mt. Burdell, Marin County

We were quite pleased when we reached the peak because our timing allowed us to see rain in the distance, and a gorgeous rainbow, but we weren’t getting wet. Of course it was just luck that we didn’t get caught in a deluge, but we liked taking credit for staying warm and dry.

Walking back to our car, I loved watching Boo run full tilt through the open fields. Dogs are allowed in the park (with leash required on some trails), but on this weekday there weren’t many around. We decided that finding a brew pub  after our hikes should be part of the outings, so we stopped at Moylan’s Brewery and Restaurant in Novato for some liquid refreshment.

Hiked: Feb. 22, 2018 (peak #20 for us)  

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